"Failure of world social democracy.                        
Imperialism has reduced our development 
Wages reduced across the country 
Construction industry unions remain strong 
Government is a right wing alliance 
Fight against neo liberalism

 Long live proletarian internationalism!"

Denmark construction worker: 
"Welfare state is over 
New retirement age is 72"
European action day on April 4
Sri Lanka comrade;   class oriented speech. 
Hemalata speaks for Indian trade unions. 

Opening session Report. WFTU Congress. Wednesday10/5/16 


(outline of his report) 

The right to strike
Fight at the international Labor Organization 
Strengthen WFTU. 
78 to 92. Million. Increase of.28% membership 
Goal 100 million
7 new offices
New sector.  Pensioners. 
111 countries. Up from 100
Increase youth in class oriented unions

and in WFTU 
Strategic role of the working class 
With immigrants and refugees 
Emancipation of the working class
First of all its  INTERNATIONALISM.  


VENEZUELANS. We are with them
Brazil  CTB   
Cuba.    Strengthen theRevolutionary forces.
Must strengthen unity within countries. 
Working class unity. Is very important. 
Africa. We are in struggle to put your resources

in the hands of the working class. Focus. 
We commit in front of Africa. 
We are optimistic. Ideological level. 
Focus on the young generations.  

Their struggles are useful to the working class. 
Believe in our targets. Our power.  

All China federation of trade unions

All trade unions must work together with WFTU 
The Indian trade unions who lead the recent 

September 2nd general strike with 150 million

trade unionists spoke    

The speaker was a trade union women 
Trade union internationals TUI for :
Tourism & Hospitality
Pension and retirement 
Comments of Valentin Pacho 
Deputy Gen. Sec. WFTU 
Represents CGTP (Perú):

Update From Labor Today Representative Joe Hancock at The WTFU Congress In Durban, South Africa. 10/4/16

​Roofers Local 36 Bus. Mgr. Cliff Smith discusses the situation in the USA with George Mavrikos, General Secretary, WFTU


Declaration of WFTU General Secretary, G. Mavrikos on Fidel Castro's death

                                           Forever immortal
 On behalf of 92 million members of  the WORLD FEDERATION OF TRADE UNIONS, I would like to convey to the cuban people,to the CTC, to the State and Party leadership of Socialist Cuba, our deepest condolences from the bottom of our hearts for the Comandante Fidel's death. He was a leader who, along with Che, along with all his comrades, fought and beat the imperialists and their instruments.

For the WFTU has been the greatest honor Comandante Fidel's own presence in its Congresses and his great speech to the delegates of the 10th WFTU Congress.

For the World Working Class will always be IMMORTAL.​

Joseph Hancock with Marco Tulio Diaz, President                                               Frank Goldsmith (center) pictured with French Railway Workers

AFM Local 47                  FUNTBCAC of Venezuela                                                            The rail workers are affiliated with CGT and Fédéracion Syndicale                                                                                                                                                             Mundiale (FSM). Frank is the North American Regional Coordinator, WFTU.

George Mavrikos (Left) is General Secretary of the World Federation of Trade Unions. Eric Mtshali (Center) is one of the most emblematic figures of the South African movement and cadre of WFTU, He was working in the WFTU Office in Prague until the ANC called him back to S.A. to lead the struggle against apartheid. He is the one who raised the WFTU Flag at the Congress. Cde. Mzwandile Makwayiba, was elected the new President of WFTU.

He is also President, NEHAWU in South Africa.Michael Mzwandile Makwayiba was born in the Ntlangaza village in the Eastern Cape. He became a migrant worker at an apple farm in Grabouw in the Western Cape. This is where his
love for politics and the struggle began. In 1990, he Joined the Green Point-Somerset Hospital in the Cape as a cleaner.

He joined the Health Workers Union (a Cape Town based union then) and was soon elected deputy chairperson of the shop stewards committee later that year. He constantly campaigned for worker rights and this Jed to him being elected the deputy president of the Health Workers Union in 1992. Later that year, Health Workers Union supported NEHAWU during a major public service strike. After the integration of HWU into NEHAWU in 1993, he became the Deputy Regional Chairperson of NEHAWU Western Cape.

He was elected chairperson of NEHAWU Cape Town Branch in 1993 up to 1996. He became the Provincial Chairperson of NEHAWU in Western Cape in 1997. During his time as Western

Cape Provincial Chairperson, he also served as the Regional Chairperson of COSATU in the Western Cape. He was also elected into the PEC of the SACP in the Western Cape.

He was elected as the NEHAWU' s 2nd Deputy President in June 2004 and again in 2007. He was elected as the NEHAWU President in 2010 and re-elected in the same position at the unionå€TM s 10th National Congress in 2013. Cde Makwayiba is also a board member of Safety and Security Sector Education and Training Authority (SASSETA)

Cherrene Horazuk, addresses the Congress                                                 ¡Viva México!   Representatives of CODUC                         on behalf of the North American Delegation.

Sister Horazuk is President of AFSCME Local 3800

It has been a busy day for us here in Durban brothers and sisters.

So far we have met with George Mavrikos, General Secretary, WFTU,

representatives of the All China Federation of Trade Unions,

representatives of two Trade Union federations in BrazIl, CTB and

UST, leaders of the pensioners Trade Union International from Spain

and Argentina, leaders of trade unions in Bahrain, Tunisia, India,

and Bangladesh. Officially, the Congress opens tomorrow. 

Click the image to see Labor Today greeting to PAME

ABOVE: Congress of South African Trade Unions (COSATU) monument to South African Workers

RIGHT: Delegation from Nepal

Cliff Smith, Bus. Mgr. Roofers Local 36 (second from left) with AITUC delegation                  Dr. H. Hemalata (L) AITUC & Frank Goldsmith,                                                                                                                                                            WFTU North America Regional Coordinator

Ian Beddowes (L), Royce Adams (C) Joseph Hancock                                                                       Sean Hoyle (C) Prewident

                                ILA Local 1291      AFM Local 47                                                                  Rail, Maritime, Transport Workers Union

Roofers Local 36 Affiliates with the WFTU!

The United Union of Roofers, Waterproofers, and Allied Workers Local 36 became the first U.S. Trade Union to affiliate with the World Federation of Trade Unions (WFTU) since 1949 at the recently concluded World Trade Union Congress in Durban South Africa. The last American union affiliate to the WFTU was the Amalgamated Clothing Workers. This is a very significant development for organized labor in this country. 

Founded in 1945 in Paris, France the WFTU is the original worldwide trade union federation representing 92 million workers in all corners of the globe. World Congresses are held every five (5) years, and the work of the WFTU is coordinated by the elected Secretariat and President's Council. For more information, write to:


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