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Cliff Smith (L) Business Manager of Roofers Local 36 (Southern California) confers with George Mavrikos, General Secretary, WFTU

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Roofers Local 36 Affiliates with WFTU

Current Issue

Current Issue


Roofers say:  NO Trump, No Way!

Local 36 of the United Union of Roofers & Waterproofers became the first U.S. union to affiliate with the WFTU since 1949 when it joined the 92 million member Federation at the 17th World Trade Union Congress in Durban, South Africa last October 5-8.


Cliff Smith (C), Bus. Mgr. of Local 36 of the United Roofers, Waterproofers, and Allied Workers, a WFTU affiliate, is flanked by the Roofers International Union’s First International Vice-President Douglas Ziegler (L) and International Representative Gabriel Perea (R).

  " I passed out leaflets until [Sean] Mc Garvey's chief of staff threatened to throw me out of the conference before it started" Smith said.  The Roofers union officials protested that Sean McGarvey, President of the class collaborationist North American Building Trades Council, invited U.S. President Donald Trump to speak at their conference. The Roofers took a class oriented trade union protest to Trump, who supports the repeal of the Davis Bacon Prevailing Wage law, and is proposing a national Right-to-Work (for a lot less) national labor law. He addressed the Building Trades to court rank and file support for his anti-worker Private-Public Infrastructure plan. McGarvey and the American Building Trades unions officials support Trump’s sellout over the best interests of their membership. How do they sleep at night?​​

​ Roofers Protest Trump 

Adilson Araújo: One day Senate rips CLT, in the other, first labor president is condemned

The Functioning and Action of the Trade Unions

The sentence passed by Judge Sergio Moro, who condemns President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva at 9 years of age, is a scandal, either because of the lack of evidence or because of the circus that Moro has set up to discredit the country's greatest political leadership.

The precedents opened by Moro are dangerous. The blow of capital against labor follows its course, since in one day the Senate tears the CLT and in the other we see the first worker president to be condemned. This is not by chance.

We have to wonder why money bags, murder threats and links are not evidence of crime, but enough "conviction" to condemn someone.

What we witness today - withdrawal of rights, repression of civil society and attack of freedoms - is a total state of exception.

We extend our solidarity with Comrade Lula and we will continue in the fight in defense of democracy, sovereignty and freedom. And conscious of our role in history, we stand firm in resisting the challenges posed at this stage of Brazilian life.

Adilson Araújo, national president of CTB​