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Paris Journalist: "The demonstration was very large, maybe the largest of any I have been on, except maybe that first May Day demonstration I went to in the 1980's. It stretched from Place Bastille to Place D'Italie. By far the largest turnout was by the CGT, amazing how they can still get the troops in the streets. There were also youth and student contingents, though the alleged purpose of the new law is to provide jobs for youth by making it easier for employers to fire existing workers. There were large groups from FO (Workers Force) though the head of FO, in defiance of his national board, opposed the demonatration. Some estimate that the law will reduce wages 20 percent!"

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Roofers say:  NO Trump, No Way!

Local 36 of the United Union of Roofers & Waterproofers became the first U.S. union to affiliate with the WFTU since 1949 when it joined the 92 million member Federation at the 17th World Trade Union Congress in Durban, South Africa last October 5-8.


 NYC Labor to came together in solidarity with the 1,800 striking cable workers to march across the Brooklyn Bridge, and rally in Foley Square. The workers at Charter/Spectrum have been on strike for six months, and we are with them in their fight for a fair contract.

Charter Communications refused to bargain in good faith, attempting to slash benefits by halting their contributions to workers’ pension and medical plans. Charter/Spectrum has unfairly disciplined workers for repeat service calls from customers, when the root cause lies in the company’s outdated faulty equipment and unrealistic promises to customers. The warehouse workers, service technicians, and members of the engineering department have been without a contract since 2013.

AFL-CIO President Rich Trumka and IBEW President Lonnie Stephenson joined Local 3 Business Manager Chris Erikson, NYS AFL-CIO President Mario Cilento, NYC CLC AFL-CIO President Vinny Alvarez, and labor leaders and union members from across NYC to stand up for our striking sisters and brothers. 

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Cliff Smith (C), Bus. Mgr. of Local 36 of the United Roofers, Waterproofers, and Allied Workers, a WFTU affiliate, is flanked by the Roofers International Union’s First International Vice-President Douglas Ziegler (L) and International Representative Gabriel Perea (R).

  " I passed out leaflets until [Sean] Mc Garvey's chief of staff threatened to throw me out of the conference before it started" Smith said.  The Roofers union officials protested that Sean McGarvey, President of the class collaborationist North American Building Trades Council, invited U.S. President Donald Trump to speak at their conference. The Roofers took a class oriented trade union protest to Trump, who supports the repeal of the Davis Bacon Prevailing Wage law, and is proposing a national Right-to-Work (for a lot less) national labor law. He addressed the Building Trades to court rank and file support for his anti-worker Private-Public Infrastructure plan. McGarvey and the American Building Trades unions officials support Trump’s sellout over the best interests of their membership. How do they sleep at night?​​

​ Roofers Protest Trump 

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Cliff Smith (L) Business Manager of Roofers Local 36 (Southern California) confers with George Mavrikos, General Secretary, WFTU

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Roofers Local 36 hosts Victor Sanchez of CTC (Cuba)



Roofers Local 36 Affiliates with WFTU

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