Cliff Smith, Business Manager

United Union of Roofers & Waterproofers Local 36

Addresses 17th World Congress of Trade Unions

​Rosie theRiviter, Long Beach, CA.

Valentin Pacho, CGT Peru with Joseph Hancock, Labor Today

Joseph Hancock (L) with George Mavrikos

George Mavrikos, General Secretary WFTU with

​Frank Goldsmith, WFTU North America Regional Coordinator.

El Super Workers ON STRIKE, UFCW Local 770

Kulikov Evgeny Alexandrovich 

​General Secretary, Trade Unions of Russia

George Mavrikos, General Secratary, WFTU

Ian Beddowes (L), Royce Adams (C)  with Joseph Hancock, Labor Today

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Cherrene Horazuk

President, AFSCME Local 3800

Address to 17th World Congress

​on behalf of WFTU North Americcan Region

Roofers Local 36 on the March in Solidarity with COSATU, October 8, 2016,

​Durban, South Africa​​