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INVITATION: WORLD WORKING WOMEN CONGRESS 8 – 9 – 10 March 2018, Panama City, Panama


Syria: “The imperialist intervention in Syria must end now” said WFTU GS in his solidarity Speech

Fight Back News Service is circulating the following the text of a speech delivered by is Richard Blake, delivered to the third World Federation of Trade Unions (WFTU) World Working Youth Congress, which took place in Rome, Italy, Nov. 2-3.

Greetings comrades, from the militant workers of the United States. I want to thank the World Federation of Trade Unions and the USB for hosting this Congress and inviting me to be here.

My name is Richard Blake. I am a warehouse worker in my home state of Florida and an elected shop steward in my union, the International Brotherhood of Teamsters.

Like much of the rest of the world, the war on U.S. workers by the employers has not ceased for a moment since the 2008 financial crisis. Workers, and especially the working youth, are experiencing falling wages, worsening conditions and declining benefits. Young workers are looking at a future with failing old-age pensions and jobs with no protections whatsoever. Many have debts from school or medical bills that they will never pay back.

And now, our new president, Donald Trump, launches new attacks on the rights of unions to organize and even exist. He threatens to privatize Social Security and eliminate welfare rights. On top of that, President Trump’s government works day and night to divide our working class by appealing to the chauvinism of white workers.

More than ever, the U.S. working class needs a united and militant response to these attacks.

Unfortunately, most our union leaders have chosen collaboration with the bosses over struggle. These class traitors make huge salaries while our unions lose members every year. Workers in our unions, including young workers, are realizing more and more that our union leaders are not capable of defending the interests of our class, the working class.

Therefore, it is up to us, the militant and revolutionary trade unionists of the U.S. to take this dissatisfaction and turn it into power within our unions to turn them into internationalist, class struggle organizations.

This struggle is more important than ever as our government passes law after law criminalizing trade union activity. As our bourgeoisie takes more from us every year and with every new contract. As our capitalists work to privatize all government services and Social Security. As our government threatens the entire world with war.

To put our unions on a class struggle basis would mean:

A willingness to fight concessions by using our most powerful weapon, the strike, instead of accepting defeats like our leaders currently do.
Solidarity with the movement for political rights of African Americans, Latinos and immigrants. Young workers currently suffer the worst from daily police killings where there are never any punishments for these killer cops.
Internationalism and solidarity with the anti-imperialist struggle around the world. Just as many brave dockworkers refused to load military equipment for the criminal invasion of Iraq in 2003, we must refuse to aid any U.S. imperialist endeavor and instead actively work to stop them. As Che Guevara once said, militants in the U.S. live in the belly of the best so we have a special duty to do this.
And finally, class struggle unions in the U.S. would join the WFTU.

This is a difficult task, but we are gaining strength continuously.

For example, in my union, a transport union of 1.4 million workers, class conscious unionists came within 6 thousand votes of winning national leadership. And in local unions where we have taken power, we strike, and we win.

So, this is the situation in the U.S.:

A right-wing Trump government that gives every gift to the capitalists that they ask for.
A fascist movement trying to attract white youth to its banner.
A working class who wants to fight the bosses and a trade union bureaucracy that refuses to lead them.

But we believe that with struggle, the full force of our working class can turn to fight its real enemy, the enemy of all working people: the U.S. imperialist class.

And it is on behalf of the revolutionary trade unionist youth in the U.S. that I tell you that we are honored and excited to continue working with the WFTU and this Youth Congress. We look to your example in our ongoing fight against our capitalist class and against yellow trade unionism.

And it is the working youth, who are receiving fewer and fewer crumbs from the capitalist system , who must be the center of our struggle against the imperialist class and for an end to exploitation of man by man.

Long Live the WFTU! Long Live the International Working Youth!

Death to Imperialism!

Thank you.

Roofers Local 36 hosts Victor Sanchez of CTC (Cuba).

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Dear colleagues,
The World Federation of Trade Unions, since its foundation, has organized struggles and activities for working women equality, for their awakening and for the improvement of their position in all areas of their social life. Since its foundation in October 1945, it has organized many working women congresses, as well as various activities and militant initiatives.

​​The “Central Nacional de Trabajadores de Panamá” which is the host organization of the World Working Women Congress, will cover the cost of accommodation, meals and local transport for 4 overnights (from 07.03.2018 to 10.03.2018). Arrivals must be scheduled for 7th March 2018 and departures for 11th March 2018.

The cost of air tickets will not be covered neither by the host organization nor by the WFTU.

The delegates who need a visa have to send a scanned copy of their passport at registration.

You can use the following emails to register:

During the Congress there will be simultaneous interpretation in the languages: Spanish, English, French and Arabic.


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U.S. delegation’s address to World Working Youth Congress in Rome.

​ November 11, 2017

Roofers Solidarity with Danish Workers

14 Sep 2015

Read here the speech of WFTU General Secretary George Mavrikos at the International Conference of WFTU and GFTU in Solidarity With the Syrian People held in Damascus, Syria on 13-14 September 2015.

“It is my honor to greet this very successful International Conference organized jointly by WFTU and the General Federation of Syria and ICATU in order to express the solidarity with the Syrian people and the Syrian working class.

Dear President of GFTU, brother Jamal Kadri, on behalf of the members and friends of the WFTU who live and struggle in 126 countries of the five continents, I convey to you our honest, fraternal and international salutation.

We appreciate that in our invitation was accepted by 230 trade unionists from 43 countries representing with the trade union organizations millions of members.

Despite the difficult conditions they did not hesitate to travel to Damascus to be on the side of the Syrian people who the last five years suffer under the target of imperialism.

We are here:

To demand that the foreign intervention in Syria ends now!
To demand the immediate end of the blockade
To demand the immediate seizing of the economic sanctions and discriminations against Syria.

The World Federation of Trade Unions, from the first moment of the outburst of this methodically planned and orchestrated crisis in Syria, openly expressed its support to the Syrian people and the Syrian workers. We did not follow the flow. Against the massive propaganda manufactured by USA, by the European Union, by their allies; a propaganda that the International Organizations and the ITUC accepted and promoted; a propaganda that some workers parties and trade union organizations fell for, against this propaganda the WFTU was opposed and we exposed the truth. We informed the workers around the world. We clearly stated that in Syria, terrorists mercenaries are working for the destabilization of the country serving the interests of the USA, the EU and their monopolies.

The WFTU supports the fair struggle of the Syrian people. In an organized way and in every podium we had in the international sphere we projected the truth contrary to the lies of the Mass Media, the USA, the NATO, the EU, the ITUC. The WFTU contributed in forming the public opinion and creating a movement of solidarity with the Syrian people. From the first minute until this International Conference we remained stable in our fraternal position on the side of the Syrian people and we defend the right of the Syrian people to decide by themselves with democratic procedures for their present and future without foreign interventions.

The WFTU in its 70 years of struggle since 1945 until today it has proven ethically and practically its solidarity with the Arab workers, the workers of all the world and the public who struggle for their fair demands. While, the WFTU was on the first line of the struggle and the international trade union coordination for the achievement of important socioeconomic demands of the workers such as better wages, better working hours, social security rights, working women’s rights, trade union and democratic rights, for health and safety at workplaces, for healthcare, for education countering illiteracy, for a better quality of live (housing etc.), the WFTU always at the same time defended the fair struggle of the people in the Arab countries against colonialism and against imperialism and fought for the completion of their struggle.

There are dozens of statements of WFTU, interventions in the International Organizations, protests against persecutions, tortures and executions of militants, protests towards Governments and appeals for the expression of international solidarity with were organized and coordinated in various forms. All these reflect the positions of the WFTU in all crucial moments as well as daily problems of the Arab trade unions and the Arab workers. Such as the struggle of the Algerian people in November 1954 for the recognition and the independence of Algeria and the withdrawal of the French troops, in the struggle of the Iraqi people for the recognition of the newly founded state, in the struggle of the Egyptian people for the autonomy of the Suez Canal, in the struggle of the Syrian people against the imperialist aggressiveness, in the struggle of the Lebanese people, in the struggle of the people of Jordan, Libya  against  the military operation of the Anglo-American troops, in the struggle of the people of Sudan, of the people of Aden for the independence and the creation of Yemen. In the struggle of the Palestinian people against the Israeli occupation and imperialism for an independent and democratic Palestinian State. And later on against the plot for the New Middle East and the imperialist wars in Iraq, in Afghanistan, in Libya.

On the same way today, from this hall, we unite our voice with the the people and the working class of Syria, with the workers in all Arab countries and we denounce the Government of USA, the Governments of the European Union countries, the NATO for the invasive policy adopted undermining the freedom of choice of the Syrian people and looking to plunder its natural resources and wealth. Their objective is to fragment the Arab states, to fragment the Arab people and to profit from the exploitation of the wealth-producing recourses and the paths of transportation. They want the Arabs divided, humiliated, surrendered; they want the Arab workers to be economic migrants in Europe and the USA and to work for meager wages in terrible conditions.

We express our respect to the religious beliefs, the culture, the great traditions of all Arabs and appeal to you brothers and sisters to coordinate our struggle together against the imperialists and against the foreign, invasions against the plot for the new Middle East with states that are puppets of the USA.

Based on the strong foundation of the 70 years of internationalist solidarity in favor of the interests of the Arab workers and the people of the Arab countries, dear brothers and sisters from the Arab Organizations you know very well that the WFTU never let you down, never gave up on you, never sold you out. On the contrary, it was your stable, consistent, trustworthy ally. The WFTU is your family, your Organization. This family we want to strengthen all together, make it more strong against the plan for the new Middle East, more strong for the interests of the workers.

We appeal to you for unity and action, for unity in action against imperialism. Against privatizations of the strategic sectors of the economy, for labour, social and democratic rights for all,   for social and economic development based on the needs of the people and not the profit. We call upon you for unity in action in order to protect the right of our people to decide upon themselves for their present and future.

In conclusion of this short greeting, allow us to express our fraternal solidarity with the migrant workers and the refugees who seek a better future in Europe. The imperialist interventions generate poverty, deaths, refugees and migrants.

In Europe, today, the Governments and the Employers exploit the refugees, profit from the refugees and treat them as modern slaves. We will continue our struggle so that we can all live in our countries peacefully without foreign interventions and without the barbarity of capitalism.

We demand that the discrimination ends now against the refugees and migrants.

Thank you”​